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EKKA Trade is a global solution provider company that specializes in various products sales and marketing in Turkiye and abroad, international trading consultancy and industrial plant installation.

Our Mission

EKKA Trade

Ekka Trading Company's mission is to serve a worldwide customer base providing creative and innovative international trading and logistics solutions that recognizes the value of customer care.

Vision and Goals

EKKA Trade

▪ To generate a high standard of commitment to our customers
▪ To treat our clients, suppliers and employees with honesty and respect
▪ To growth in business life
▪ To provide a quality working environment with advanced technology that enhance partners and customers quality of life
▪ To offer an unsurpassed level of service at the most competitive rates


EKKA Trade

▪ Export of equipment and spare parts for various industrial enterprises
▪ Manufacturing of Hotel, Villa, and Housing projects within construction contracting works
▪ Manufacturing of steel structure buildings, halls, convention centers, and pipeline works under Steel Construction Contracting Project Works
▪ Manufacturing related to Airport Contracting Works
▪ Airport management
▪ Mining Activities Import Export and Sales
▪ Yacht Harbor and Marina project works and manufacturing
▪ Agricultural Agricultural Products and Fertilizer Production Import Export
▪ Plastic and Industrial Raw Material Production, Import and Export Activities
▪ Machinery Industry and Technical Equipment Supply Sales and Organization
▪ Import and export of all kinds of spare parts
▪ Export of gas equipment and various chemical products
▪ Exporting high-standard home and office furniture
▪ Sales of Renewable Energy Systems, Solar Energy Systems
▪ Chemical and Industrial Cleaning Materials
▪ Installation and commissioning of industrial plants
▪ Maintenance, repair services, and modernization of industrial facilities
▪ Establishment of the Foreign Trade Unit System and Consultancy on Foreign Trade Operations

EKKA Trade


Mining Activities Import Export and Sales

EKKA Trade

Workflow Process

As Ekka Trade, we adopt a sensitive approach in our business process to effectively meet the needs of our customers. We collect customer demands, collect suitable offers and finally deliver our products/services safely.


Receiving Bids


Collection of Claims


Product & Service Delivery

EKKA Trade

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